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Grooming Session

In this session you will get to bring your own pet in and we will walk you through the groom from start to finish. It can take up to 4 hours and we only have openings one Saturday per month.


Equipment List and 
Equipment Maintenance 

Here we have listed the necessary equipment you will need:

  • A5 style clippers

  • #10F blade (this usually comes with your clippers)

  • Length needed for the haircut, guard comb or blade

    • If you're note sure what length you can reach out to us and we can give you some recommendations​

  • Slicker brush

  • Metal comb

  • Grooming loop *optional*

  • Groomers helper *optional but highly recommended*

We will spend a few minutes at the beginning of the session showing you how to hold and maintain your equipment so it will last you longer.

Proper Restraints, General Safety Practices, and Danger Areas

Restraining your pet is almost always necessary to keep them safely on the table, we give you tips on how to do this safely and as low stress as possible. Safety is also extremely important when working on your pet with sharp objects. 

Prep Work

Nails are important but can be very scary and intimating, we will show you how to clip or Dremel them (your choice) to the proper length without hitting the quick, along with a sanitary trim, arm pits, paw pads, and ears.

Bathing and Drying Techniques

Getting a nice even haircut comes from a great bath and blow dry. Picking the correct products and using drying techniques can make or break your finished haircut.

The Haircut

And finally the haircut! We will show you how to get an even length on the body and legs. We can pick a style for the head, ears, and tail. 

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